Topaz/Fern Green Jewellery Set


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Swarovski Crystal Blend Colours feature a different colour on each half of the bead to create a stunning look with every turn. These two-toned crystals unite the gorgeous, grassy hues of fern green with the vibrant, golden tones of topaz in one striking bead and pendant. The necklace features a pear shaped pendant hanging from a sterling silver bail, finishing the set off are stunning sterling silver earrings.

Necklace: 45cms
Earrings: 6cms


Please Note: Products on this website are handcrafted and are not mass produced. There is only 1 of each original design (pictured) immediately ready to purchase (unless otherwise stated). Designs that are “Sold Out/Out Of Stock” or that you require to be made with another colour crystal, pearl or metal components, will depend on available on-hand stocks to make your order.
“Sold Out” means, the original (pictured) design has been sold, however the design can still be ordered and purchased.

Please be aware that re-making a design may take up to 2 weeks, (due to out of stock crystals, pearls &/or metal components (that require re-ordering from our supplier) to complete your order. If this occurs, you will be notified via email.