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A lot of women become quite attached to their jewellery, with 1 in 5 women having a favorite piece of jewellery that they could not possibly ever replace if it broke. Sometimes this is because it was junk or cheap jewellery, the store they brought it through has closed down or the local jewellers refuse to repair it as it is junk or cheap jewellery and not worth repairing. (Not worth repairing to them maybe, but to you, it is priceless!)

Well now, all is not lost ladies, if we can fix or remake your broken piece of jewellery for you, we will!

Send us a photo of your favourite broken piece via email, and if we can't repair, re-make or re-design your jewellery we will credit you $5 on your next purchase with us. Either way you win!
The cost for repairing jewellery starts as low as $5... that's right, just $5 to fix your jewellery.


Earrings, Pendants, Keyrings    $5.00
Bracelets, Anklets    $7.00
Necklaces    $10.00
Jewellery sets    $15.00

Sorry But We Do Not Offer To Repair Rings or Tiara's.