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Information on Swarovski, Preciosa and Natural Gemstones

Swarovski Crystal Elements™

Swarovski Crystal Sign

The most sort after crystal for jewellery making in the world today. Swarovski Crystal Elements™ is second to none for the finest quality of Austrian crystal world wide. 


Preciosa® (Czech) Crystals & Gems

Preciosa Crystal Sign

Preciosa® belongs among the top world producers of jewellery components. Apart from the Austrian company Swarovski there is no further producer who can show such a wide range assortment and such top quality crystal glass. Preciosa products are noted for their top quality cut, colour shade fastness and high brilliance. 





Sourced from around the world, Natural Gemstones are not only beautiful as pendants and jewellery pieces but they are also used as cures, protection and healing stones in Feng Shui and Chakra. Some Gemstones help the wearer of them to overcome certain fears, ailments, addictions and also provide protection and improve one's "life" luck.

Why not explore how these Earth formed Natural Crystal Gemstones can help you in many areas of your daily life!

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